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The Okinawa City Tourist Portal KOZA is a website run and managed by the city of Okinawa.
The city understands the importance of Personal Information (information on individual persons), and its gathering and use, and protection of such information are safeguarded in the following way.

  1. Along with specifying guidlines with reagrds to the protection of personal information, the City will responsibly manage any user's information.
  2. The City will determine the purpose of the use of personal information and set its own proper limitations when acquiring personal information from the user.
  3. The City will inform the user of the purpose of any personal information received.
  4. Without permission from the user, a court order, or a justified reason, no personal information will be divulged to a third party.
  5. In order to protect from any alteration, unauthorized release, or misuse of personal information, the City takes appropiate measures.
  6. In the event of a third party's use of personal information, the City has strict agreements with selected third parties which would be given personal information.
  7. Should the user wish to change or confirm his or her personal information, the City will oblige quickly and responsibly.
  8. In order to protect a user's personal information, the City will continually update and revivse its necessary protocols.

In addition the treatment of personal information is based on the Personal Information Act of the City of Okinawa.

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Okinawa City Hall Culture and Tourism Section
Nakasonecho 26-1, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0014
TEL 098-929-0261

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