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When using the Okinawa Public Tourist Portable KOZA Web Site there are some conditions below that we would like you to abide by.

With Regards to Property Rights

The contents on this site ( such as documents, photos, etc) are the sole property of the citizens of Okinawa City, and are under their protection. Any use of any part of this site without express consent (copying, forwarding, edititng, or even sale) is strictly forbidden by law and will be considered an act of piracy by the owners.

Concerning Materials Used by a Second Party

The The materials used for all photo and movie galleries on this site may be used by a second party. Upon officially applying to the City, high-quality photos and movies will be provided. On such an occasion the City reserves the right to grant or refuse such applications depending on the user's intention for such a request. For further information please contact us at the address below.

Okinawa City Hall Culture and Tourism Section
Nakasonecho 26-1, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0014
TEL 098-929-0261

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On Link Connections

Please use this site freely. There is no need to contact us. Websites of a Third Party linked to this site are managed and under the responsibility of that Party. The City is not responsible in any way for problems of any kind that may occur through use of Third Party links.


Though the City is extremely careful in the posting of its information on this Site, it cannot fully guarantee that this Site will be completely free from any errors, problems which may cause your device to crash, including viruses that may attack your computer through the webserver. The user is the sole person responsible for the use of this Site. In other words, the City provides information for its customers as a service and any damage or wrong-doing coming about through the use of this Site is not the responsibility of the City. The City also reserves the right to alter information or stop transmission of information.

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