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Get a taste of Mama-san’s home cooking at this long-standing snack bar.

Sanae is a long-standing snack bar with a history of over 35 years, located in Okinawa City’s Nakanomachi bar district. Inside Sanae's chic atmosphere, you can just relax and forget about the time.
Mama-san (the lady of the house) makes the best Okinawan home-cooked meals, and you can get a taste of it right here at Sanae.
Some people assume that the bar was named after Mama-san, but her name is actually Sueko Higa. The story behind the name “Sanae” is an interesting one. Drop by and ask her about it!
With lovely ladies here at Sanae to serve you, even first-timers can feel at ease and enjoy their time.
Please drop in and say hello!
Bottles (comes with the “Dish of the Day”): starts from 10,000 yen

Shop information

Location 1-9-2 Uechi, Okinawa City
TEL 098-932-3978
OPEN 20:00~2:00
Closed: THR, SUN
Reference price Bottles (comes with the “Dish of the Day”): starts from 10,000 yen


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