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Seiryu continues to create new soba flavors!

This long-standing yakiniku shop has reopened as an Okinawa soba shop!
Seiryu's recommended menu item is their "Soba & Juushii" set, which comes with locally made Okinawa soba noodles in flavorful soup, and a side of Okinawan mixed rice.
Their "Kunsei Chicken Soba" is also a popular new style of Okinawa soba that comes with a topping of smoked chicken that will leave you wanting more!
Smoked pork soba and other standard Okinawa soba dishes are also available.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location 4-11-13 Chuo, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-938-9928
OPEN Weekdays/SAT & SUN
LUNCH 10:30-15:00
DINNER 17:00-19:00
CLOSED: Irregular
Reference price Soba & Juushii Set ¥700; Kunsei Chicken Soba ¥600


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Distance from this facility:about78 m
Chuo Park Avenu (#1)
Distance from this facility:about83 m
NK Parking
Distance from this facility:about275 m


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