Bintama Yaeyama Soba Yaeyama / golden / stock / Okinawa / soba / 食堂 / びん玉 /

Tasty, golden soup Yaeyama soba. Sashimi direct from Ishigaki is also popular.

The simple taste of Yaeyama soba is complemented by the flavorful soup made with Ishigaki coral salt. The owner hails from Ishigaki himself, and everyday his family - fishermen in Ishigaki - send a fresh catch of fish. Needless to say, the sashimi is excellent. Order the tuna bowl set which comes with Yaeyama soba for just 600 yen. You can also buy fish or squid tempura.

Shop information

Location 976 Koja, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-938-4058
OPEN 11:00-21:00
close Obon, New Year


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