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Cheris the taste and comfort of Kenny's.

Kenny's is a beer restaurant located on the third floor of Plaza House Shopping Center. Customers can enjoy drinking and dining in the comfort of an "American" ambience, and indulge in the chef's popular creative cuisine which uses delicious seasonal ingredients.

You can choose to eat a variety of dishes in this spacious restaurant. Their menu includes Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, and the prices are surprisingly reasonable. Drinking beer and wine in the casual atmosphere while enjoying food prepared in the open kitchen is one of the reasons for Kenny's popularity.

The restaurant is loved by a wide age range (including singles, couples, and families), and their "¥500 One-coin Menu" which starts from 17:00 on weekdays is also one of the secrets to their popularity. From sashimi and sushi, to pizza and steak bites, you can feel free to enjoy a variety of items on their menu.

Various party plans able to accomodate up to 100 people are also available, making Kenny's a great choice for holding big parties.

Shop information

Location 3-1-12 Kubota, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-930-0570
OPEN 11:00-24:00


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