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A popular bar with awamori from all 48 distilleries on Okinawa.

Kuusu Rakuen is a bar located in Okinawa City’s bar district, Nakanomachi, that specializes in Okinawan awamori. The owner is an awamori meister himself, and opened his store in April 2011. In addition to the 48 different types of awamori from local distilleries, the meister offers his very own original awamori-- a blend of various awamori in a large jar. The mild brew is also a favorite among customers.
Surprisingly, their A-Lunch is a popular choice besides their drinks, and comes with Okinawan-style mixed rice (juushii), and other delicious food.
You’ll immediately feel at home inside this cozy bar. How about a sophisticated night out with some fine old awamori?

Shop information

Location 1-14-27 Uechi, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-930-1600
OPEN 18:00-1:00
Open year-round


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