Shimanchu Soba Okinawa Soba eat / soba / okinawa / shimanchu / taco / rice / 島人そば /

A long-standing taco rice shop and their Okinawa soba.

Located next to "Living Design Square Awase" (a popular furniture store in Yogi, Okinawa City), Shimanchu Soba is the sister restaurant of the long-established taco rice shop "Gate 1" located in Kin Town, outside the U.S. military base Camp Hansen.
With their taco rice and Okinawa soba set, you have the luxury of enjoying two delicious dishes that represent Okinawa.
With generous portions at reasonable prices, the restaurant is popular with local students, residents, and tourists as well.
Shimanchu Soba takes pride in their soba soup, which is made out of five different vegetables, four different sea foods, and Okinawan pork stock.

Taco Rice Soba Set: ¥650
(as of 7/2015)

Shop information

Location 3-8-1 Yogi, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-931-0310
OPEN 11:00-20:30
Closed: Okinawa Obon & New Year Holidays


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