Adachiya Izakaya Taishugekiba / adachiya / Koza / tachinomi / Okinawa / City / Park / Avenue / 大衆劇場 / 足立屋 / /

A vibrant izakaya serving inexpensive and delicious food!

Adachiya is a popular izakya with locations nationwide, with its name originating from Tokyo’s Adachi ward. Their Okinawa City branch is located along Park Avenue and is hard to miss with customers overflowing outside. Lanterns hang from the ceiling, and menu items are written all over chalkboard walls.
You can watch cooks prepare food behind the six counters areas, each a station with a different food theme. The “Kushiyaki” (grilled skewer) counter is situated at the far end of the izakaya, while the other counters serve teppan-yaki dishes, Chinese cuisine, seafood, stewed dishes, and deep-fried skewer foods. Of course, you can order and enjoy any of these dishes from anywhere you sit.
You can even bring in your own bottle for a price of 1,000 yen per bottle, regardless of size. Making good use of this system can be kind to your wallet!

Motsu Nikomi (small): 250 yen
Sashimi platter: 600 yen

Shop information

Location 1-36-9 Chuo, Okinawa City
TEL 098-937-1654
OPEN 17:00-2:00
Closed: MON


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NK Parking
Distance from this facility:about103 m
Chuo Park Avenu (#1)
Distance from this facility:about122 m
Chuo Park Avenue #2 Kyodo Parking
Distance from this facility:about129 m

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