Awase Bijuru Shrine |Area: Awase power / religion / Japanese / worship / awase / Bijuru / shrine / children / sacred / 泡瀬ビジュル /

Pray for blessing on your children, or to be blessed with children!

Not only do local Awase residents come visit Awase Bijuru Shrine, but residents from neighboring towns and cities also make their way here to pray for family, health, and protection.
The shrine is famous for its "god of fertility," and every year many people come to pray for a successful pregnancy and birth.
“Bijuru” in the Okinawan language is the name for spiritual stones that people put their faith in. They believe that these natural stones take on a human form. The one at Awase Bijuru Shrine sits deep behind the door of the shrine.
Come pray for blessings at Okinawa City's sacred spot, or simply see what it's all about.

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Location 2-1 Awase, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-939-4501


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