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An elegant izakaya where you can enjoy a spectacular nightscape with your drink and meal.

Dining Shoo is an elegant izakaya located in Okinawa City’s Takahara district. Enjoy the flavors of select ingredients with a drink and beautiful nightscape. Shoo’s selection of jazz music creates a sophisticated ambiance, and you and your special loved one or friend can spend a relaxing night over some delicious food.
Their selection of alcoholic drinks include awamori, shochu, whisky, and wine carefully managed in their wine cellar. Enjoy the night while you look at the sparkling sea of lights down below. With a counter and bar available, there are various ways you can enjoy your evening here, but if you’re looking for a more quiet place to spend your evening, Shoo is the ideal place to go.

Nama-Ham Nama-Harumaki (raw ham spring rolls): 860 yen
Tori-seseri no Wafuu Itame (chicken neck stir-fry): 830 yen

Shop information

Location 3-7-5 Takahara, Okinawa City
TEL 098-930-0068
OPEN MON~THR & SUN 18:00-2:00
FRI, SAT & day before holidays 18:00-3:00
Open year-round


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