Ugoku Machi Izakaya izakaya / all-you-can-drink / drink / cocktail / party / group / awase / Okinawa / 動く町 / 泡瀬「前夜祭」店 / /

Let’s party until morning with events every day and all-you-can-drink plans!

This popular izakaya among college students and the younger generation is located on Okinawa City’s Awase Bay Street, right next to the Lawson on Awase intersection.
Opened in 2003, the atmosphere of Ugoku Machi will make you feel like you’re stepping into one of Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli animations. In the world of Ugoku Machi, monthly events are planned making it not just a place to go drinking, but a place to have fun with the whole gang!
Ugoku Machi is based on the concept of having fun! With tasty food and reasonable all-you-can-drink plans, the many elements needed for a good time are all here. In particular, the all-you-can-drink plan is only ¥980 for a lengthy 2 hours, and with 90 different cocktails and 23 different soft-drinks to choose from, 2 hours may not be enough! Don’t worry. You can extend the plan for just ¥200 for every additional hour and continue enjoying luscious drinks.
The Chicken Nanban is a highly recommended menu item, and large groups usually order this item which is only ¥500 for such an amount of food. Ugoku Machi is also the only izakaya among its affiliates to serve western food, and their Red Carbonara is highly recommended.
With 120 seats available, Ugoku Machi have private rooms that seat up to 2 and larger rooms that seat up to 20. They’re open until 5:00 in the morning making it the perfect place to party all night with friends!

Shop information

Postal code 904-2172
Location 4-21-17 Awase, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-937-9396
OPEN 18:00-5:00
Capacity 120
Reference price All-you-can-drink 2 hours ¥980 per person (additional ¥200 for every hour after); Chicken Nanban ¥500; Red Carbonara ¥680
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