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Special coffee selected by the licensed Q-Grader shop owner!

Mame Pore Pore, located in Okinawa City’s Awase, serves special coffee carefully selected and roasted to perfection by the licensed Q-Grader store owner.
A Q-Grader is an official coffee appraiser licensed by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and CQI (Coffee Quality Institute). They are certified to grade green coffee beans that have been submitted by producers and importers. As the grader Mr. Nakamura puts it, “The taste of coffee changes depending on the time of year it’s harvested, just like wine.”
Mame Pore Pore is spreading the world of coffee to customers by serving coffee that has won contests in its country, stands out from the rest, and coffee that’s hard to come by.

Cappuccino 450 yen (eat in) 380 yen (to go)
Café au lait No Mootto 1,200 yen

Café au lait No Mootto is an additive and fragrance free café au lait liqueur and can be used to make your own café au lait, homemade treats and even affogato ice cream!

Shop information

Location 6-13-8 Takahara, Okinawa City
TEL 098-927-3260
OPEN Closed on THR and SUN
Reference price Cappuccino 450 yen (eat in) 380 yen (to go) Café au lait No Mootto 1,200 yen


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