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A mini movie theater opens on the 3F of Plaza House Shopping Center!

A mini movie theater, given the name Cinema Plaza House 1954, opened on the 3F of Plaza House Shopping Center on November 22, 2019.
It is the sixth movie theater on Okinawa managed by Star Theaters, and offers specialized sound quality. There are two theater rooms.
Sound specialists particular about their craft have introduced an optimally designed speaker system focused on the acoustic space, making sounds more delicate and clearer than ever.
There are about twenty seats in the theater lobby/cafe, where you can relax and enjoy drinks and sweets. Events related to Plaza House Shopping Center are also held here as well.
Please check the Star Theaters official website for movie showings.

Each theater room:
■48 + 2 accessible seats
■2K resolution
■7.1 surround sound

・General: ¥1,800 Member ¥1,500
・Student: ¥1,500 Member ¥1,400
・Child: ¥1,000
・Toddler: ¥800
・Senior: ¥1,100 Member ¥1,000
・Disability: ¥1,000


Shop information

Postal code 904-0023
Location 3-11-1 Kubota, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-987-8170
Official Web Site


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