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Taste the world’s best whiskey at Okinawa City’s Gintengai!

Head into Gintengai, the shopping arcade located across from Gulliver, the used car shop on Koza Intersection. The third Heineken flag you see serves as their mark, and Shot Bar Islay is waiting to serve you a glass of rare whiskey!
Stoop through the curtain of the small entrance, and you’ll be met by a counter in a dimly-lit room and laid-back atmosphere. You can sit back and relax while you enjoy a few drinks, or just swing by to end your night with just one.
They also have a 2,500 yen Lady’s Plan where ladies pay for their drinks up to 2,500 yen, and go home paying only 2,500 yen no matter how much they drink after that!


Shop information

Location 1-1-5 Teruya, Okinawa City
TEL 090-8292-6256
OPEN 20:00-26:00 (FRI & SAT 27:00)
Closed: MON


Not available :

Nearby parking areas

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Distance from this facility:about1.4 km
Chuo Park Avenue #2 Kyodo Parking
Distance from this facility:about1.4 km
Times Goya 1-3
Distance from this facility:about1.4 km

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