Taira Clothing Store & Apolo Records Bar & Record Shop たいら洋品店・アポロレコード /

A record shop and bar in Gintengai

Gintengai is starting to show new signs of life. Have you seen the big mural or eaten at one of the food stalls? How about Taira Clothing Store, the unique bar with a record shop inside?
You won’t find any clothes here at Taira Clothing Store & Apolo Records. Instead, you’ll be greeted with your favorite drink and rare records coveted by fanatics.
As his love of records increased, the owner of Apolo Records opened his record shop in Ginowan. After many encounters with musicians and DJs who worked in Okinawa City and building a network with them, he decided to move his store to Gintengai in 2013. Around the same time, rapper Hide was running his bar Taira Clothing Store ( たいら洋品店, Taira Yohinten) and they started with the simple idea, “Wouldn’t it be cool to collaborate?” and the rest is history. Opening his Apolo Records store inside Taira Clothing Store, not only do record fanatics like to visit, it has become a place where locals stop by to take a breather.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0011
Location 1-11-5 Teruya, Okinawa City
OPEN Record Shop 12:00〜20:00
Bar 20:00〜3:00
Closed: MON


Not available :

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Goya Pay Parking
Distance from this facility:about1.4 km
Times Goya 1-3
Distance from this facility:about1.4 km
Chuo Park Avenue #2 Kyodo Parking
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