Kobayashi-ryu Butokukan Koza Dojo Butoku / martial / arts / karate / Koza / 小林流 / 武徳館コザ道場 /

Develop and train a sound mind and body!

This martial arts dojo is located in the middle of Okinawa City’s Chuo Park Avenue (30m from Gate 2 Street). It’s a small dojo where children can be seen working hard in their day-to-day training. Children of other nationalities can also be seen training hard alongside the locals. It's an international sight unique to Koza!
Beginning with etiquette, the dojo is a place where you can develop and train a sound body and mind and go out into the world!

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location 1-35-8 Chuo, Okinawa City
TEL 098-937-0733


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Nearby parking areas

NK Parking
Distance from this facility:about103 m
Chuo Park Avenu (#1)
Distance from this facility:about131 m
Chuo Park Avenue #2 Kyodo Parking
Distance from this facility:about142 m

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