Jun Dojo Jun / Dojo / 純道場 /

How about some arm wrestling?

Jun Dojo is a bar where you can also enjoy arm wrestling!
Inside, Jun Dojo may look like an ordinary bar, but unlike any other type of bar, there’s an arm wrestling table!
The owner, Mr. Yonaha, being an arm wrestler himself, wanted to open a store that combined his love of alcohol and arm wrestling, and the rest is history.
The bar is usually crowded with arm wrestling lovers, and Mr. Yonaha regularly holds arm wrestling events and competitions.
You can bring in your own food or have food delivered, so you can thoroughly enjoy your time here with your favorite drink and food.
With a turntable available, you can also enjoy listening to music as well.
How about some arm wrestling with a drink?

Shop information

Location 1-9-6 Goya, Okinawa City
OPEN 20:00~
Closed: SUN


Not available :

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Goya Pay Parking
Distance from this facility:about71 m
Times Goya 1-3
Distance from this facility:about96 m
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