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Learn to remember sounds with your whole body!

Do-re-mi Music School is run by Ms. Matsuda who has an impressive 30-year teaching career in music, children’s eurhythmics, and piano.
Ms. Matsuda provides eurythmic lessons to nursery school and kindergarten students in a space that allows them to express themselves freely and activate their abilities, fostering harmony between the heart and mind.
She also holds standard lessons and provides at-home lessons as well (by appointment only).

・Enrollment fee: ¥3,000/ Monthly fee: ¥6,000/ Materials: all material fees must be covered by the student
・1 lesson 30~40 minutes (approximate)
⇒ The number of lessons provided to children is fixed. ※1 lesson system for adults.
・First-come, first-served basis. ※Closed once capacity is reached.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location 3-14-1 Chuo, Okinawa City
TEL 090-4470-1090
OPEN Depends on lessons
※Please call in advance
Closed: MON


Not available :

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Chuo Park Avenue #2 Kyodo Parking
Distance from this facility:about43 m
NK Parking
Distance from this facility:about64 m
Times Goya 1-3
Distance from this facility:about176 m

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