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It is not all about observing the art, but feeling and experiencing it!

Arcade’s versatility comes from its multiple features: art exhibitions, art classes and an art studio. It is a unique place where you can experience a part of Okinawa’s art scene. They have three areas: an exhibition space called the Viewing Room; a planning area known as the Project Room; and the Studio, an atelier for artists and designers. In the exhibition area is a display of 3D illustrations using pastels and matiere by Masaya Hiraoka, the administrator of the facility. In the same room are artworks with a theme of “sorrows of Okinawa” by Osamu Miyagi, an Okinawan artist who built his career in England. Other than Hiraoka and Miyagi’s work, visitors can view pieces done by young local artists. They can also catch a glimpse of artists in the midst of creating art. Once in a while customers can watch Sukegawa, the curator, planning his unique interpretations of art in the Project Room. Sukegawa, also one of the facility’s administrators, is in charge of other art exhibitions and events around Koza.
Since artists may not always be at the studio, please check with them prior to your visit.

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Postal code 904-0004
Location 1-2-3 Chuo, Okinawa City
TEL 098-989-7176
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