Miyagi Store |Area: Chuo machiyagwa / store / import / american / snacks / random / koza / Okinawa / shop / みやぎストア /

Okinawan groceries and American snacks.

You may wonder what Okinawan life is really all about after visiting the island and sightseeing. Go to a machiyagwa--an Okinawan word meaning a small store holding a large amount of merchandise--and you can catch a glimpse of the local atmosphere.
Miyagi Store is an excellent example of a machiyagwa. Featuring Okinawan specialties such as sata andagi (Okinawan doughnuts), Okinawa soba noodles, deep-fried gurukun (bananafish), and awamori (Okinawan sake).
Colorfully packaged American goods sit alongside Japanese ones. This seemingly random combination of Okinawan and American merchandise on the shelf is typical of the Koza lifestyle.
There is also an eating area in the store, an interesting place to people-watch and see what others are putting into their shopping baskets. A great place to find unique gifts!

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location 1-14-14 Chuo, Okinawa City
TEL 098-937-3625
OPEN 9:30-20:00


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