Wahaha Izakaya wahaha / izakaya / sonda / Japanese / food / party / eisa / eat / Okinawa / koza / 琉球海鮮 / 和はは /

This seafood izakaya will fill you will joy!

Wahaha opened in 2004 along route 330 in the Sonda district, and has since gained popularity among locals.
Opened as a "Ryukyu seafood" izakaya, Wahaha’s menu is filled with fresh sashimi and sushi using fish from Okinawa’s beautiful ocean.
Wahaha highly recommends their exquisite mackerel sushi, which uses one whole mackerel!
With table seats on the first floor, private rooms on the second floor, and large rooms on the third floor, this izakaya has a total of 240 seats available making it the perfect place to go with family and friends on any occasion.

Shop information

Location 3-5-33 Sonoda, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-932-3955
OPEN 17:00~2:00
Capacity 240
Reference price Mackerel Sushi ¥1,200; Unagi Sushi ¥750; Sushi Platter ¥1,200; Umibudo ¥430; Tofuyo ¥480


Available :

Nearby parking areas

Music Town Pay Parking
Distance from this facility:about759 m
Koza Coin Parking
Distance from this facility:about814 m
Technical Park Nakanomachi #4
Distance from this facility:about814 m

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