Aozora Eco Flea Market

Venue Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park Central Parking Lot
Date 2019.05.03(Fri.)
Start 10:00
End 13:00
price Vendor Fee: 1 Space- 500 yen (about 1 car parking space)
※Free for visitors.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
Participate as a vendor or come peruse through various items from other households!

Deadline for vendor applications are until April 27!

※Vendor Spaces: 80 (first-come, first-served basis)
▶ 500 yen per space (about 1 car parking space)
▶ E-mail or fax applications to the park office, or submit it directly (you cannot reserve a space over the phone).
※Available in Japanese only.
Apply Online: http://okinawa-kenso.com/?page_id=47807
Application Form: http://okinawa-kenso.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/cdb46ebd915501cc081cf31358c2f134.pdf

※Please provide your own tables, mats, and etc. if you need it.
※Anyone can participate! However, if you are underage, someone at least 20 years old must represent you.
※The event may be cancelled if there are not enough vendors.
※There are no sources of electricity available at the parking lot.
※One space cannot be shared with another vendor. 1 space per vendor.
※The event will be cancelled in case of rainy weather. It will be announced on the park’s website by 8:30 in the morning the same day.

Things that cannot be sold at the flea market:
・Food and drinks
・Alcohol, cigarettes
・Pharmaceutical drugs
・Pets (animals)
・Pirated CDs, DVDs
・Cash vouchers (stamps, coupons, gift certificates, etc.)
・Dangerous goods (firearms, knives, model guns, etc.)
・Anything against the law or against public order and morals.
※The purpose of this flea market is to recycle unused household goods and items.

Contact: Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park Office
TEL: 098-932-5114


For inquiries

Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park Office
TEL : 098-932-5114
FAX : 098-932-2222
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