Halloween Carnival @ Okinawa Zoo

Venue Okinawa Zoo & Museum (5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa-shi)
Date 2018.10.28(Sun.)
price Adults: ¥500
Middle/High School Student: ¥200
Age 4-Elementary School Student: ¥100
*Admission to the Wonder Museum is a separate fee.
Let's make jack-o'-lanterns out of Okinawan vegetables and give them to the animals!!

▼Date October 28, 2018 (SUN)

▼Jack-o'-lantern carving
《Place》The main gate area

▼Feed the jack-o'-lanters to the animals
13:30 Elephants!
14:00 Hippos!
14:30 The Bear!
15:00 The Monkey House!
15:30 Horses!
16:00 Bats!

▼Quiz Rally with the Animal Witch!
Let's challenge the witches hidden in five areas of the zoo! Answer correctly to win a prize!

▼Come dressed in an animal costume for a special gift!
※12:00-13:00 is lunch break.

★Gift Exchange Ticket★
10:00-12:00 In front of the main gate
13:00-16:00 Each animal area during the jack-o'-lantern feeding time.

※Admission to Wonder Museum is a separate fee.

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Okinawa Zoo
TEL : 098-933-4190

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